*Alright, first off – before you go thinking this is pseudoscience – just about every damn paragraph in this article links to a peer-reviewed scientific study.*
Ok, now let’s talk about your ass
We write a lot about the sun exposure here at the NudeSpots Blog. It does so much good for you. It’s good for your brain, for your balls, for your boobies, for your baby, for your mood, for your vagina, for PMS, for your muscles, and the sun is also super good for…

Your Ass

sunbathing gives you a healthy ass

Yep, that’s right, sunshine gives you a healthy ass.


*3* Ways Sunbathing Gives You a Healthy Ass


1 – Sun Exposure Significantly Reduces Risk of Colon Cancer 

Over the last few decades there has been a steady stream of powerful scientific studies proving that sunshine has a protective effect against most internal cancers. We have in vitro studies, case-control studies, randomized control trials, cross-sectional studies, and epidemiological studies all showing that more sun exposure (i.e. more vitamin D) reduces the risk of internal cancers and improves survival rates. (See a whole bibliography page on that here)
Of all the cancers investigated though, colon cancer is one of the cancers that demonstrates this most strongly.
EVERYBODY has an ASS – so research motivation on ass cancer is strong.
The first big piece of evidence we have is epidemiological studies that have found colon cancer mortality rates are significantly higher in the least sunny regions of the U.S. compared to the most sunny regions. 
sunbathing gives you a healthy ass
(Source – https://academic.oup.com/ije/article/35/2/217/694653)
If you look at the graph here you can see that the sunnier states like Florida, California, and Texas have lower colon cancer mortality rates and less sunny states like New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island have the highest mortality rates.

Death Certificate Study

Another powerful piece of evidence supporting sunbathing for better ass health is this death certificate study here. Researchers examined hundreds of thousands of death certificates of cancer victims in 24 American states and then matched and compared those cases with a similar number of healthy people of similar age, sex, race, and socioeconomic status. 
What the researchers found was that people who:
-live in the more sunny states
-have outdoor jobs
Suffer significantly less colon cancer. And the numbers improve as UV intensity increases.
This study, evaluating 2,377 colorectal cancer cases and 2,984 healthy matched controls, found that among men, those who reported enjoying the most sun exposure had the lowest colon cancer risk and those who received the least sun exposure suffered the highest colon cancer risk.

#2 – Sunbathing Protects Against Prostate Cancer 

Now a lot of those studies above about colon cancer also looked at prostate cancer and found similar things. 
The death certificate study above found the same thing for prostate cancer – guys who receive more lifetime sun exposure suffer less prostate cancer.
This meta-analysis looked at nine different studies investigating sun exposure and prostate cancer risk/survival. Of those nine studies, all but one demonstrated a negative association between sun exposure and prostate cancer risk – guys who get more sun have less prostate cancer.
This study from Australia looked at prostate cancer incidence rates in 70 different regions for a ten-year period and found the same thing: guys who live in the sunnier areas have less prostate cancer.

sunbathing gives you a healthy ass











sunbathing gives you a healthy ass

(source – https://bjui-journals.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/j.1464-410X.2011.10736.x)
And like the Australia study, this U.S. study found the same relationship between latitude and prostate cancer rates. Scientists examined prostate cancer rates in over 3,000 counties across the country and found that the sunnier areas have fewer prostate cancer cases.
Then you have this one, where they evaluated the UV index, dietary habits, and prostate cancer rates in *71* countries and found that the sunnier regions have lower prostate cancer rates.
This study looked at lifetime sun exposure habits of 161 white prostate cancer patients and 3,367 controls and found that guys who were born in sunnier areas had a 51% lower prostate cancer risk and the guys who reported more recreational sun exposure in adulthood enjoy a 53% lower risk for fatal prostate cancer.
This study evaluated 450 prostate cancer patients and 455 controls. Scientists evaluated sun exposure levels of the patients by using white guys. Using a reflectometer device they measured the skin pigment differences between their upper arms (typically sun-protected) and their foreheads (typically unprotected) to roughly determine how much time the guys spend outside. What they found was that guys who get the most sun exposure (e.g. outdoor workers) enjoy a 51% lower risk for advanced prostate cancer.
This case-control study even found that guys who reported suffering frequent childhood sunburns have a lower risk for prostate cancer.

Bottom line

Guys who get more sun get less prostate cancer.

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So what’s going on in these more sunny areas?

People who live in sunnier areas clearly have healthier asses. Why?
What’s going on is these people are getting more vitamin D and vitamin D has been proven with in vitro studies to inhibit cancer development through a variety of mechanisms including induction of apoptosis (telling cancer cells to kill themselves) and inhibiting tumor angiogenesis (tumors building blood vessel networks).
As this blog frequently explains, vitamin D is not actually a vitamin – rather it is a potent, chemopreventive steroid hormone that has more in common with testosterone, for example, than it does any vitamin. (Vitamin D was discovered at a time, over a century ago, when other vitamins were being discovered and got incorrectly labeled a vitamin. The label has stuck ever since.)
You primarily get vitamin D from exposing your naked skin to UVB sunlight. Your skin contains a vitamin D precursor called 7-dehydrocholesterol and when UVB shines on it this precursor undergoes a chemical reaction, ultimately turning into vitamin D. (Here’s an article covering that process more.)
Your skin is essentially a solar panel and the less that solar panel is covered up the better. Clothing and sunscreen reduce/eliminate vitamin D production – so get naked! (or as naked as you can)
Basically all animals on earth, including us humans, are biologically evolved to get our vitamin D from sun exposure – not food. Although it is possible to ingest trace amounts of vitamin D from your food (mainly animal products), it is essentially impossible to achieve optimal vitamin D levels from food alone. You would have to drink gallons and gallons and gallons of vitamin D-fortified milk and eat pounds and pounds and pounds of the highest-quality, fresh-caught wild salmon every single day – and even that would not match the vitamin D doses that are possible from sun exposure.
From sunlight a person can rapidly produce megadoses of vitamin D from even just brief sun exposures. Depending on the time of the year, latitude, UV index, age, body fat content, skin color, and how much naked skin is exposed – an individual could produce as much as 50,000 IU of vitamin D from one day at the beach. And maybe a tiny bit more at a nude beach 😉
People who live in sunnier areas like Florida and Texas
– enjoy more intense UV light (which allows for more and faster vitamin D production)
-they enjoy more sunny days throughout the year 
– they wear less clothing (exposing more naked to the sun, which is required for vitamin D production )
People in these sunnier states enjoy the ability to make vitamin D all year, whereas in the northern states it is physically impossible for people to produce vitamin D for nearly half the year because the UV index becomes too weak (not to mention everybody is covered head-to-toe in sunshine-blocking clothing).
This meta-analysis study involving nearly 1 million participants from several countries found that those with the highest vitamin D levels have the lowest risk for colon cancer and that the vitamin D deficiency rate among colon cancer patients is nearly 90%.
Here’s a page of 17 studies finding that men with lower blood vitamin D levels have higher rates of prostate cancer. And there’s way more studies where these came from.
And here’s a giant page of studies on the associations between sun exposure, vitamin D, and all cancers – including melanoma skin cancer.
Get your vitamin D levels tested to see whether or not you maybe need to include more sun exposure in your life.

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The more sun the better, but just DO NOT get sunburned. Sunburn is not healthy.

The 3rd way sunshine improves ass health – Toasted, golden buns

sunbathing gives you a healthy ass

McDonalds didn’t become a giant with pasty, pale white arches. No – they became a giant with golden arches because they recognized the deep love humanity has for golden buns. And so will you if you consistently work on maintaining your own golden buns. 
Now that you know how sunbathing gives you a healthy ass – it is now your responsibility to not only maintain your own ass health, but to also take it upon yourself to spread the word of sunbathing for better ass health to the world. Share this article far and wide and let’s create a future of better ass health for all.
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