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Last week I put out an article about how to conceal carry a gun as a nudist. I admit, guns being such a polarizing topic these days and legal only in a tiny sliver of the world, I was nervous about how the article would be received.
To my shock, I was absolutely blown away by the enormous, overwhelming positive reaction from both nudists and the gun carry community. 
It got me to thinking that nudists and gun carriers actually have a lot in common.
Being a passionate member of both worlds I feel compelled to further introduce these communities to each other.


6 Things Nudists and Gun Carriers Have in Common


1 – Both are a highly misunderstood minority

Gun carriers and nudists both know what it’s like to be a small, highly-misunderstood, highly-demonized minority. Hollywood and news media portrays gun owners as a mentally unstable, racist, unintelligent, violent, malicious people and nudists are usually portrayed as cultish hippies or sexual deviants. In reality, both worlds are overwhelmingly populated by completely normal people who are just peacefully living their lives a tiny bit different from the majority. Nudists like to live with less clothing, gun carriers take full responsibility for their safety from malicious, physical threats. That’s it. Very small differences actually, but both groups must constantly beat back terrible stereotypes. I personally have to deal with NudeSpots here getting incorrectly labeled as sexually explicit porn by internet service providers, despite there not being one single sexual image on the site. As a gun owner I’ve personally experienced people who previously liked me rapidly concluding that I’m fundamentally a bad person with violent intentions after discovering that I carry a gun.

2 – Both are a PERSECUTED minority

For 99.9% of public spaces in the U.S., it is ILLEGAL to be a nudist. You get naked, you get in BIG trouble. You’re a woman and let your boobs out – BIG TROUBLE. You have to be quarantined off on highly guarded private, private property permitting nudity, you have to be in one of the very few public nude beaches, or, if you’re lucky, on your own very private property.
For the majority of American states, gun carriers have to navigate an extremely complex minefield of local, state, and federal laws where one wrong, innocent mistake can literally ruin your life and have you behind bars. In some states and cities it is completely 100% illegal to have a gun period. Just as most nudists struggle to enjoy their peaceful, harmless lifestyle, gun owners must struggle considerably to enjoy their right of effective self-defense.

3 – Both Groups Stay True to Themselves Despite Negative Consequences

Both communities are highly-controversial and being a member of one or the other can potentially be inconvenient. Both lifestyles are scary and strange to many people and membership can jeopardize your career, relationships, and your dating life. I was once in a fairytale long-term relationship where the simple factor of me carrying a gun ended up being a major deal-breaker for the woman. She just couldn’t handle it. But I couldn’t give that up for her. It was one of the most painful moments of my life. Nudists and gun carriers don’t live their lives the way they do to be popular. They live these lifestyles in pursuit of living their truths and KNOWING that it will cost them. 

4 – Both Groups Embrace Nature

Nudists understand that our modern approach to clothing is biologically unhealthy. Nudists understand that for 99.9% of human history, people spent a whole lot more time being naked and it’s pretty reasonable to desire some naked time in our modern age. Humans are animals and we’re the only animal wearing clothes all the time. Our biological relationship with the sun is scientific proof that we’re supposed to be more naked, more often. 
Gun owners recognize that physical, malicious threats exist and that this is a natural part of life that all other creatures on earth are aware of, except many humans. Gun owners recognize that dangerous, large, predatory animals exist and this also includes the sociopathic, psychopathic, criminal demographic of the human species. It’s always existed. It always will exist. Humans have always been developing strategies and technology to protect against this. We don’t prefer the world be this way, but we recognize that violence is a part of human NATURE and, unfortunately, the only way to repel the initiation of violence is with a more effective violent response. Elephants have tusks, rhinos have horns, porcupines have quills, and humans have intellect that we are able to direct towards the creation and mastery of violent technology. It used to spears, arrows, and tomahawks – now it’s guns.
Both groups are people committed to their lifestyles because of a deep, logical, unshakeable understanding of key truths. For nudists it’s that excessive use of clothing is objectively unhealthy. For gun owners its that violence exists and what protects you from violence is effective defensive violence or the threat of. 

5 – Sense of Humour

Nudists are aware of how ridiculous they look to the non-nudist majority and they tend to own and embrace it. Nudists tend to roast themselves with very funny jokes, memes, and cartoons. Nobody is better at making fun of nudists than nudists, which is a very noble and admirable trait.
Most gun carriers are right-wing, which, these days, means you’re way more funny and have a good sense of humour. The young right-wing are the undisputed masters of dank memes and trolling.

6 – Both Have a Strong Outlaw Libertarian Streak

Nudists and gun carriers both operate at the fringes of the law. In most American states (BUT  NOT ALL!) you can have guns, but it’s within very strict (often illogical) rules. It’s essentially impossible to be a gun carrier/owner and always  be in 100% compliance with all laws. For that reason, even the most legally-minded, responsible gun carrier is a bit of an outlaw. There’s just certain laws we’re willing to break because they excessively inhibit our ability of self-defense.
American nudists are even bigger outlaws. Unlike Europe, here in the states there are very few public places and beaches where it’s legal to get naked. Haulover Beach is the only one I know of here in Florida. At Haulover you can enjoy full legal protection of your nudity and there’s lifeguards and cops to make sure everyone is safe.
Other Florida nude beaches though, like Apollo and Playalinda, are not officially legal nude beaches. There’s no cops around to protect you. Nude spots like these have a strong outlaw vibe. They’re basically long-term, multi-decade, ongoing civil disobedience efforts. There are no signs confirming the legality of the nudity. When I go to these beaches I feel less comfortable because I know I’m taking a slight legal risk AND there’s no law and order present at these spots. 
(It is a DAMN GOOD idea to bring a gun with you to unofficial, outlaw nude spots because by definition THERE ARE NO COPS THERE TO PROTECT YOU. That’s the whole reason people are getting naked there.)


So there’s my random thoughts on nudists and gun carriers. If you only belong to one of these groups, I hope you now have a more favorable view of the other.
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