I read around the nudist chats, groups, reddits, etc.
Every once in a while… some young whipper snapper asks “Are nudists racist? Seems to mostly be white people. Not a lot of black people getting naked. Must be a racist conspiracy or something.” 
Some nudist organizations put out press releases explaining they’re committing to “correcting” this. They’re going to “fix” this problem. Too many white people, not enough black people. “It’s not right!”


We’re just trying to get some sun on balls and boobs and these damn kids want to make that racist somehow.
Like Hitler was all about tanning his one ball.
You see what the KKK wear? Not very nudist. The KKK look like the opposite of nudists.
I see lots of black people at Haulover. One of the beach ambassadors is  black.
Black people are 14% of the national population. Nude beaches aren’t going to be 50-50% dark/white.
I don’t know… maybe these young folks are being a little paranoid, but, hey,  let’s say they’re totally correct…


My hypothesis

Maybe I’m wrong, but I bet…
Black people, in general, are just not that into nudism. NO PROBLEM. Some are. God bless them. But most probably just think it’s some crazy white people shit. Most white people think it’s some crazy white people shit. 

Most white people are not nudists.

Most black people are not nudists. 

Nudists are nudists.

(Or everyone is a nudist, they just don’t know it…)

From the White Man HIMSELF

My freakin’ last name is White, so I’m super qualified to comment on this matter. 

Let’s get to the sun-tanned bottom of this

If you are white – that means your ancestors evolved FAR AWAY from the equator. If you have darker skin, that means your ancestors evolved closer to the equator. I’m talking for thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of years a long, long time ago.
The biological purpose of melanin is sun protection. That’s it. It’s literally just natural sunscreen. It’s armor against the sun. See this dermis cross-section here. 

are nudists racist


The melanin goes on top. If you’re out in the sun a lot you’ll develop more melanin. If your ancestors are out in the sun for thousands and thousands of years, you will be born with way more melanin and so will your kids. That’s just nature trying to protect you.

Why is discussing melanin important?

Because sunshine is absolutely vital for good health and white people, historically, weren’t getting much sunshine way back. Dark-skinned people were getting so much sunshine that their bodies developed natural, permanent sunscreen (melanin). 
Before transportation technology, you were basically stuck wherever you were born. You couldn’t move away so you had to adapt to your environment.
White people were historically so deprived of sun that in order for us to make vitamin D our bodies had to be pale and pasty – no melanin.  Melanin actually inhibits vitamin D production just like sunblock or clothing. Melanin is great if you live at the equator, but if you live far away from the equator then melanin is actually working against you. This is why people whose ancestors evolved at high northern latitudes are pale and pasty.
You literally can’t live without vitamin D, so if ancient northern Europeans had dark skin they would not have survived into modern times. When the industrial revolution started in Europe and Northern United States, there was an epidemic of rickets in children because they had gone from working on farms in the sunshine all day to working indoors in factories all day.
Doctors and scientists investigating the rickets epidemic discovered three things:
1. Kids working on farms in the countryside, in the sun all day, did not have rickets.
2. The kids getting rickets were the ones living in the polluted, grey cities working indoors all day.
3. By giving kids a little bit of vitamin D-rich cod liver oil every day or having them sunbathe, they did not get rickets.

are nudists racist


The bent bone on top is from someone with rickets. Lack of vitamin D/sunlight causes your bones to demineralize and turn into jello.
Seriously bad things happen to your body when you’re not getting enough sunshine and old generations of white people learned that the hard way.
I think for this reason, white people just like getting naked in the sun much more and dark-skinned people are like “meh, whatever..”
I think white people have a genetic little quirk telling them to get their asses in the sun and stock up on vitamin D because some ugly European winter is coming and they won’t be able to get sun for a long time. “Get it while you can! It’s life or death! Take your clothes off! Soak up as much sun as you can!”
In a place like England it is literally impossible to make vitamin D for half the year. The sun just isn’t strong enough. And when the sun is strong enough to make vitamin D, it’s barely possible.
Sunshine at the equator is much stronger. You can make more vitamin D, make it faster, and make it year-round.
Many studies have found that rates of vitamin D-deficiency related disease increase as you get farther from the equator. For example, multiple sclerosis basically does not exist at the equator at all. Cancer rates go up as you leave the equator. Autism is more common in the northern U.S. compared to the south. Type-1 diabetes is more common farther away from the equator.
Where you live geographically, and where your ancestors evolved geographically, MATTERS BIG TIME. It matters with all animals. It matters with humans. Nature wants you to survive, so we uniquely adapt to our unique environments over time. Nature wants us all to survive. Nature doesn’t care about diversity quotas.
I think maybe white nudists have a deep, genetic survivalist urge to get as much sun as they can. We don’t understand it. Can’t really explain it. We just know we want some damn sun and we want it ALL OVER US. Our DNA is telling us that winter is coming.
Dark-skinned people probably don’t have that. Their ancestors got plenty of sun and were not desperately trying to get more of it. If anything, they may have a genetic quirk telling them to avoid the sun and get in the shade.
I’m English. There’s not much sun in England. My ancestors went without sun for most of the year, every year, for their whole damn lives. When the sun did come out they were probably so happy that they took off all their clothes and ran around in the sunshine naked. Even though I grew up in sunny Florida, I still carry that genetic quirk with me. Evolution works slowly. My DNA still thinks I’m in England and wants me to get lots of sun on my buns like it’s a matter of life or death. If it’s a cloudy/rainy week, when the sun finally comes out I’m like “HOLY SHIT! OH MY GOD! THE SUN IS BACK! OH MY GOD!”
Why do you think people used to worship the sun?
are nudists racist
Ancient people maybe didn’t have the technical scientific explanations, but they noticed that sun makes you healthy and strong and a lack of sun makes you sick and weak.
The ancestors of dark-skinned people were blasted with intense UV all day every day without a break ever. Maybe that’s why they don’t seem to care about sunshine as much. They’ve had their fill. They’re like “You white people go enjoy your sunshine, we’re good.”
I really think the urge to get naked in the sunshine is a leftover survival measure. One study has found that lizards that are vitamin D-deficient are more likely to sunbathe and sunbathe for longer periods of time compared to lizards with higher vitamin D levels. Your body knows what you need. People who have anemia crave eating dirt. People who need some vitamin D crave sunshine. For hundreds of thousands of years, white people were dealing with low vitamin D levels while enduring long winters and cloudy months.
Our skin is a solar panel. By wearing clothing you’re covering up your solar panel. Clothes block vitamin D production. Maybe it’s white people’s European winter genetic memories telling them to take off their clothes and get vitamin D.

Another Hypothesis – White Nudists Are Actually Super Not Racist and Want to Tan Themselves Into Another Darker Color Entirely

Nudists are definitely the brownest white people you’ll ever find. They seriously don’t seem to be fan of white skin.
What if white nudists are literally trying their hardest to turn themselves brown? Every inch. What if they want to eradicate every last inch of whiteness on their bodies? And that’s why they’re getting naked in the sun?


And ANOTHER Hypothesis – Harmful Big Dick Stereotypes Are Keeping Black Guys Off Of Nude Beaches

Everyone says black guys have huge wangs. Do they all have huge dongs… or is it just the top level? If I was a black guy with an average dick I would not want to pull my pants down EVER, because everyone would apparently be expecting me to have an anaconda and that’s a lot of pressure and that’s NOT something a guy can really change.
How many black guys out there have regular PPs and are thus uninterested in going to a nude beach because they don’t want people going “hey, look, that black guy just has a regular PP.” 
Just has a regular PP“? These dick critics make me sick.
If I was in that situation I would not even want to get naked with a girl. She pulls down your britches and goes “oh… I thought… nevermind… hey, do you want to just watch a movie instead?…”
As a white guy, everyone is expecting me to have an average PP and I wave my average PP around proudly. Society has given me permission to have an average PP.
Why hasn’t this permission been given to black guys? Why aren’t black guys allowed to have average PPs?
Average black men have become victims of modern white women’s fanatasies and fetishes and I. FOR ONE. AM. SICK OF IT.


I don’t know… I’m just thinking…

Personally, I don’t like white or dark skin. I prefer hot dog skin.
Do you think nudists are racist? Please tell us in the comments
Until next time,


P.S. Header image taken from https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Influence_of_pigmentation_on_skin_cancer_risk.png  . apparently I’m required to type this.
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