Shitloads of Studies Find Vitamin D Significantly Improves Muscle Function

Last article I covered how getting sunshine on your balls increases testosterone.
You should probably just go read that one. This one is boring. Sooo many studies.
This article we’re going to focus in on vitamin D’s direct effect on your muscles, which is… 
Vitamin D improves muscle function and makes you physically stronger.
“Austin, you’re telling me sunshine boosts my T and makes me stronger independently of that?”
I am.
Actually! That’s an incorrect way of putting it. It’s not that vitamin D makes you stronger, but rather vitamin D deficiency makes you weaker. Vitamin D optimization makes you normal. If you’re vitamin D-deficient, your health is not normal. You’re sub-par. (In fact, personally, I think if you’re vitamin D-deficient you’re literally a nobody.)
So pretty cool, right? Boosting your vitamin D also boosts your physical strength.
Get ready. Here comes studies…


Vitamin D Makes You Jump Higher


This study of a group of elite ballet dancers had 17 ballerinas take 2,000 IU of vitamin D daily (a modest dose) for four months and 7 ballerinas did no supplementing. At the end of the study the researchers found that the ballerinas taking vitamin D enjoyed a significant isometric strength increase and their vertical jump height had improved. Even better, they suffered fewer injuries during the study than the control group. 2,000 IU of vitamin D is a pretty small dose, so the fact that such a little bump in their vitamin D levels lead to measurably improved physical performance is very exciting.
This study of 99 pre-teen girls found that those with higher vitamin D levels were able to jump faster and higher compared to girls with lower vitamin D levels.


Vitamin D Improves Handgrip Strength

This study of 301 young Chinese girls found that those with higher vitamin D levels had better handgrip strength compared to girls with lower vitamin D levels.
This study of 976 elderly people found that those with higher vitamin D levels had higher handgrip strength compared to those with lower vitamin D levels.
Another study of 1,008 elderly people also found that those with higher vitamin D levels demonstrated superior handgrip strength.
Bottom line: vitamin D helps you develop an iron death grip. Be careful with it. With great power comes great responsibility and stuff.


Vitamin D Increases Lean Muscle Mass (Gives You Sick Gains)

This study of 342 Qatar soccer players found that those with higher vitamin D levels also happened to have more lean muscle mass compared to players with lower vitamin D levels.
This study took two groups of rat pups and raised one on a vitamin D-deficient diet and raised the other group on a vitamin D-supplemented diet. The pups raised on the vitamin D-deficient diet gained weight at a significantly lower rate compared to the supplemented group and had lower muscle mass.The vitamin D-deficient group eventually developed hypocalcemia, at which point their growth rate declined even more. Later, the vitamin D-deficient rats were given vitamin D, leading to an increase in muscle mass and weight gain.


Vitamin D Improves Workout Recovery

This study of young adult males found that those with higher vitamin D levels experienced less muscular inflammation post-exercise compared to those with lower vitamin D levels.
This study of 14 physically active adults found that those with higher vitamin D levels experienced less muscular weakness following intense physical exercise, both immediately and days after the exercise.


Vitamin D Slows Down Sarcopenia in Old People

Once you hit a certain age later in life, you start to lose muscle mass and strength. This is called sarcopenia – old-age muscle loss. You can slow down sarcopenia by working out and eating for good muscle mass maintenance (before and after sarcopenia hits you), but nobody beats sarcopenia. No matter what you do, once you pass middle age you’re going to start losing a tiny bit of your muscle mass every year until you die.
Good news though, vitamin D helps to slow this down.
This 1999 random population survey of 349 elderly people found that those with higher vitamin D levels demonstrated better arm strength, a better ability to climb stairs, better overall physical activity, and fewer falls.
This study measured the vitamin D levels and leg extension power in 319 elderly people. In both the men and the women, vitamin D levels were strongly correlated with their leg extension power.
This one tracked vitamin D levels and arm strength in 269 elderly people over a 6-month period and found women with lower vitamin D levels had significantly weaker arm strength.
Omg. These poor old people. This one tracked 1,008 seniors’ vitamin D levels and grip strength for 3 years. Those with lower vitamin D levels had weaker grip strength and less muscle mass.
Sooooo many studies on old people. Here’s a bigger list of sarcopenia and vitamin D studies.


Vitamin D Treats Severe Myopathy

Imagine having a muscle function disease so bad you need a wheelchair. Go on now, imagine it. Imagine it. Imagine it.
Okay, now imagine you have this disease and you cure it by taking some inexpensive vitamin D supplements.
That’s what happened to these folks


Vitamin D Reduces Falls in the Elderly

Back to the old folks (I guess they make great science guinea pigs – can’t escape and they’ll die before the lawsuit really gets cooking).
Big, big problem with the elderly is falls. Granny falls, granny breaks hip, and old-age hip fractures are a death sentence. About 25% of hip fracture patients die within a year. I didn’t write the rules, that’s just life.
And they fall a lot. Boy do they fall. Bad balance, atrophied sarcopenia legs, bad reaction time, weak bones = a hip fracture holocaust massacering our grandparents. If your’s haven’t been claimed yet, they certainly will be. Unless…
Guess what? Getting naked in the sun solves this. Wheel granny out to the nearest nude beach and read on.
In this 5-month study of 124 nursing home residents those given a measly 800 IU of vitamin D daily suffered 72% fewer falls compared to the placebo group.
Why? Because vitamin D improves muscle function, coordination, and reaction time. And strengthens granny’s hip bones.
Here’s 15 more studies about vitamin D and falling. The sunshine hormone makes those legs work better and carry the body more effectively.
The violence ends here, gravity.


Vitamin D Helps You Walk 8ft and Get out of Chairs

You might be skeptical, but they did a study on this. It is legit and just one more reason to get out of your chair and go get some sunshine today.
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Until next time,
P.S. You might be wondering WHY Vitamin D improves muscle function. I’m too stupid to understand it, but here’s an article explaining that. If you can explain it to me in an email me love you long time. Maybe…
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