The beach and beer go hand in hand. You really don’t want to have one without the other. I mean you can do that, but you’ll always have that feeling that something is missing.
Being naked on a beach is great, but being naked and a little buzzed on a beach surrounded by other people who are naked and a little buzzed is way more fun.
Now beach beers are a special class of beer. Not all beers perform well as a beach beer. 
The best beach beers tend to be the cheaper beers.
You don’t want to get too expensive or fancy with your beach beers.
It’s not a beer-tasting event. You’re getting drunk at the beach. A lot of the beer is going to either get spilled, lost, or warm.
Beach beers  also need to be light beer. With the heat you need more hydration. Light beer is basically healthy water with some attitude. Stronger beers are going to increase the risk of dehydration too much.
And remember, any beach beer needs to be in a CAN – not a glass bottle.
Here we go

Top 5 Best Beach Beers


best beach beers

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Nothing says “I want to fully and completely detox myself of anything work-related” like Fosters.
Fosters will shift you from responsible adult mode to beach mode hard and fast as if you’re getting sucked into the black hole from Interstellar.
Why? Because they’re HUGE.
It’s like the biggest beer can you’ve ever seen. I don’t even know if you can find coozies for Foster-size beers.
You’re going to drink these big boys quick because it’s hard to keep Fosters cold. Fosters should not be used for every beach day, but you should always have some around the house. A Fosters is like a grand, golden trophy that you give yourself when you’ve really earned it. Have you been killing it at work and life? Did you accomplish some goals recently? Yes? Okay, have a Fosters.
Another option for Fosters is to romantically share one with your special someone. A Fosters for one person is a lot, but a Fosters to two is like a regular beer each. Bringing a Fosters for two also makes for simple beach prep. Just one can – boom you’re done. Honestly, this is probably the best beer on the list. 

Bud light 

best beach beer

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It’s not the best, but it’s ALWAYS reliably there for you at a bargain price. Have some of this on-hand for free-loader friends. It takes lime and salt well. Honestly, it’s probably the best beer on this list.



best beach beers

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All three of these beers are actually exactly the same. It’s the same fluid obviously made by the same producer. Pick whichever is on sale. They all take lime and salt fabulously. Honestly, these are the best on the list overall. They’re the perfect blend of quality vs cost and lime and salt reception. I find Landshark is typically the cheapest and on sale frequently. If it’s buy-one-get-one-free then clear your calendar.


Lemonade beer

best beach beers

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I can’t pronounce this beer. They should rebrand and name it “lemonade beer.” This one wins for refreshing hands down. It’s literally lemonade and beer combined in a can. Ice cold – it’s the greatest tasting beer I’ve ever tasted. It’s light, delicious, and refreshing. The only downside is that it’s expensive, so only buy if it’s on sale. Treat each can as a rare treasure that you may never taste again. Does not take lime and salt well. Honestly, it’s probably the best beer on this list.

Modelo Micheladas

best beach beers

Modelo has done such a great job with their michelada line that they get a whole additional section here. These drinks are weaker than even light beers and surprisingly nutritious and packed with electrolytes – more than even the leading electrolyte sports beverages on the market. They’ll keep you buzzed AND properly hydrated. They’re also irresistibly delicious. They’re definitely the best beers on the list.
For example, the mango and chile michelada and tamarindo picante Modelo micheladas contain 1000mg sodium and 1130mg potassium PER CAN. That is literally a stronger electrolyte blend than you will find in any fancy and expensive electrolyte drinks like Biolyte or Pedialyte.
At only about 3% alcohol content, Modelo micheladas provide a fun and superior way to stay hydrated on hot outdoor days.
If carbs are a concern, the pina picante flavor has only 17g per 24oz can.
Try them all. They’re delicious, provide a net health benefit, and will keep you strong and happy in even the hottest summer heat. They’re definitely the best on the list.
Tragically, I can’t find any online source to buy them from and I only find these precious gems sporadically around where I live. I most commonly find them in Miami’s little neighbordhood hispanic grocery markets. If you’re lucky enough to stumble on them – buy them all.
And if these incredible Modelo micheladas inspire you to try making your own micheladas, Captain Hanna has you covered in her upcoming michelada how-to instructional. Sign up to the free NudeSpots Newsletter so you don’t miss that one coming soon. Learn michelada mastery the Mexico city way!
And remember, only drink alcohol when you’re among friends and loved ones AND naked on a beach. Find your nude spot today and get the magic happening.


Until next time,
P.S. Header photo by George Cox 
P.P.S Captain Hanna made a really neat video recently showing how to make your own frozen margarita at the beach. Do yourself a big favor and check that out here

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