What if you’re enjoying a wonderful day at a nude beach and you get a big ‘ol boner?
Here’s a step-by-step NudeSpots guide to properly handling this delicate situation.

Step 1 – Thank God

First thing you want to do when you get a boner at a nude beach is thank God. Take a moment and thank God for giving you a functional penis. Not all guys get boners so easily. Some guys seriously struggle to get boners. If you’re poppin’ boners at the beach then you know for a fact that when the special moments in life come, your PP will be ready for anything.
Big boners are a reliable indicator of good health and vitality in men. If your PP is strong then YOU are strong. It’s important for a man to have a strong dick, but it’s equally – if not more – important to also have gratitude for your meat.
Hell, some guys don’t even have dicks at all. Be thankful that you even have one period.


Step 2 – Roll Over

After you thank God for your righteous boner, the next thing you want to do is ROLL OVER onto your stomach.
Get low. Your penis is on the front of your body, lay on your stomach and nobody will see it. Stay like this as long as you feel necessary.


Step 3 – Reduce to Halfer

3rd thing you wanna do is reduce your boner to a halfer. You don’t want to reduce it all the way. Only reduce it halfway, because people won’t know the difference between a totally flaccid penis and a 50% hard penis. Reduce your boner down just halfway and everyone will think you just have a huge dick. THAT is where you want to be. 
Think about whatever undesirable things you have to to deflate your boner down just enough to not draw attention.
Now if you happen to have a small dick and you’re insecure about this you can also arouse yourself into having a halfer. Think about things that make your hard, but only think about them enough to make your half hard. If you go too far and get yourself 100% hard, then go back and follow steps 1-3.
You’ll be feeling pretty good.

You shouldn’t be ashamed of your boners

Not one bit. But it is courteous to tame and conceal them a little bit so you don’t cause a ruckus.
In a perfect world a man could sport his hard-on anywhere he pleased with a gun on his hip, cigar in his teeth, whisky in his hand, and a Mexican woman on his lap – but we have a lot more work to do before we get there again…
Until next time,
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