Chocolate Prevents Sunburn – Eat It Up

It’s summer time.
Sun’s getting real hot. 
So hot.
Maybe the rona’s had you cooped up inside for a while and you lost your tan.
Is your skin ready?
I hope it’s ready.
The beaches and hotels are opening back up.
Let’s get you all golden brown and gorgeous again. Or if you’re black, let’s get you super black. Ebony dreams… 
Today we’re gonna talk about a different kind of chocolate though.
The kind you eat. I mean really eat. Like chew, swallow, digest, and you can buy it at the grocery store. Not that other kind of eating.
You’re gonna be getting back out in the sun a lot more soon. Maybe you already are. 
How great would it be if you never had a sunburn ever again?
Never, ever, ever.
Just believe in the chocolate.
I’m sure you already know, but for the other people, let me explain.
Eating chocolate prevents sunburn. 
That’s right. It’s that simple. Life doesn’t have to be complicated. 
There’s one thing though…
Just one.  Relax. I promise just one thing…
You need the good stuff. 
Dark. Real dark. As dark as you can find. If you’re not a little nervous you’re not going dark enough. 
Are you afraid of the dark?
It’s okay. I was afraid the first I let the darkness inside me.
Let it in. Embrace darkness. Let it consume you. It’s the only way to where you want to go.
100%. Not 95. Not 90. Not 85.
100%. Full dark.
If it tastes good it ain’t dark enough. Darkness tastes bad. You have to suffer and sacrifice for what you want in life. The greater the suffering, the greater the reward. Torture your taste buds. A phoenix will rise from the flames.
Dark chocolate, also known as real chocolate, pure chocolate, is one of the highest known antioxidant sources there is. These antioxidants protect you from UV radiation. Real chocolate is sunscreen that you eat.
Don’t believe me? I don’t lie.
Some scientists took 6 white women. Had them take the darkness. Everyday. 12 weeks. Three months. Put the darkness inside them. Everyday. 300mg high-flavanol cocoa powder. Medical grade. Dark as it gets. Put it in them.
You know what else they did? Hit ‘em with the UV. Made it hurt. Just a little bit. Only a little bit. They did it to measure the effect of the cocoa supplement on the ladies’ sunburn responses.
By the end of the study, the women were demonstrating 25% lower sunburn responses. They measure this stuff with high-frequency ultrasound. High tech.
Now in this same study, they gave another group of women a low-dose supplement. Low potency. NOT DARK. These ladies got 10% dark. Know what happened to their sunburn responses? Nothing.
You gotta go dark.
Another group of scientists repeated that study. You know what the title of their paper is?

Eating chocolate can significantly protect the skin from UV light

“Significantly protect.”
 Told you I don’t lie. It’s science. Scientists said it.
Same study design. Two groups. One group gets the darkness everyday. Other group gets the fake stuff. 12 weeks. Blasted them with UV to test the sunburn responses.
This time? The UV tolerance of the darkness group more than doubled.
Fake chocolate group? Nothing. Scientists’ conclusion: “Conventional chocolate has no such effect”
Gotta go dark.
This one here took some human skin samples and hit ‘em with the dark stuff in petri dishes. Real frankenstein kinda stuff. The chocolate made the skin samples heal themselves.
Don’t just put the darkness in you, put it on you. All over you. In you. On you. On the person next to you. In another person. Spread the darkness. Swallow it all.
A tablespoon a day helps keep the sunburn away.
Head over to your nearest nude spot today and test it yourself.
There’s no greater feeling than killing the enemy.
Until next time,
P.S. Like this article about preventing sunburn with healthy foods? I did a bigger one last week. So much bigger. REALLY big. See it here


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