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If you like nude beaches you need someone who also likes nude beaches.
Which is why you should do

First Dates At Nude Beaches ONLY


Here’s not one, but *10* reasons why:
(And you know what? Even if you DO NOT like nude beaches – you should STILL have all first dates at nude beaches. I’ll explain that right now)
*Not in any particular order of importance*

Reason #1 – Quality Assurance

As ol’ Louis CK used to say, women typically don’t get to inspect a guy’s package for the first time until it’s WAY TOO LATE. How nice would it be, ladies, if you could see it up front at the beginning of the date before you’re invested and already in the throes of passion. And a lot of us men would also like the opportunity of a pre-inspection. It’s just practical.
Going to a nude beach (or resort, club, etc) for your first date allows you to answer some critical questions up front and right away before you’re in too deep (hehe). 
Questions like:
 “does this person know what soap is?”
“Is this person aware that it’s important to wash your ass?”
“Is there any abnormal fluid discharge I might not be able to see in the dark?”
“Is that razor bumps/burn or… oh no…”
The bright light of sunshine will reveal these truths.


Reason #2 – It’s sexy and spicy

Getting naked in public with someone is so much more interesting than going to Starbucks. If you’re already attracted enough to each other to go on a date, then being naked and close within 15 minutes is going to feel pretty awesome. If you’re at a proper, regulated nude spot like Haulover Beach (as opposed to an outlaw nude spot) – it’s totally safe.
Ladies, you can get naked and cuddly with a guy without any worry of being pressured into sex – it ain’t going to be legal in public and at a place like Haulover there are witnesses and police around. You’re all good. You can be a little wild and totally safe at the same time.

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Reason #3 – It’s memorable

Guys, if she’s hot – you’re not the only guy talking to her. You have to stand out. If she went on a boring lunch date with a guy earlier that week, but you get her on a nude beach date – all other things being equal – who is she going to think about more? Who is she more likely to forget?
And if she’s never done it before, then it’s going to be unforgettable for her, so an open-minded first timer is ideal to maximize this effect.
Speaking of open-minded people…


Reason #4 – Allows You To Screen For Open-Minded People

As I said up top, if you really, really like getting naked you need someone who also enjoys that lifestyle and wants to join you. If you sacrifice that for someone it will eat away at you and put strain on the relationship. I’m not saying dump your current partner over this, but if you’re on the market then make this one of your non-negotiables.
What’s a great way to find your nudist partner? Ask if they want to go on a nude beach date when you ask them out.
If they say “no”, move on. Don’t waste your time. It’ll be way easier to just repeat this process until you find your person than it is to try converting someone who’s just not comfortable with it. Stick to your guns and sun those buns.
You want someone who responds “That sounds great!” ← (That exclamation point is ‘ol Cupid’s arrow btw…)
And it eliminates having to have a weird conversation two months into dating someone telling them you’re a nudist. “Hey, by the way, I like the feeling of sun on my balls. I mean I REALLY like it. Like – I HAVE to have it. I hope you’re cool with that, because it’s happening. Oh… you think that’s weird?…”
Now an exception to this is if you want to make a really powerful first impression then “accidentally” take her to a nude beach without discussing it. Big, big risk, but potentially big reward. This will be most easily pulled off on tourists and people new to your area. Even if this move massively fails it will be very funny – so you win no matter what.  


Reason #5 – You Know The Person Is Comfortable with Themself

That’s just a good character trait.


Reason #6 – It’s More Honest – STOP GETTING TRICKED!

This kinda picks up from reason #1. Men and women both have ways of enhancing themselves or hiding unflattering physical aspects. I don’t want to sound shallow or body-shame, but I think these tricks are dishonest and unethical and a great way to avoid getting tricked is to go on first dates at nude beaches only. No hiding, no enhancements – see each other naked. 
I imagine that people who are comfortable getting naked like this will tend to be more honest anyway, so you’re gonna weed out a lot of bad apples right away.
The water will wash off the makeup and a guy won’t be able to use platform shoes.


Reason #7 – It will slowly create a more nudist-friendly world

I’m not saying be mean to textiles. No, no, no. Not at all. We need to be A-B-C always be closing these people on becoming nudists. We need to sell, sell, sell. You need to be nice, friendly, and positive. 
If you start telling romantic prospects “Hey… sorry, but I only date people who love nude beaches.” – the world will become more nudist one rejection at a time.
Be AMAZING. Make them ALL fall in love with you. THEN – politely tell them if they ain’t getting naked at the beach with you they can lose your damn phone number. No half steppers. First dates at nude beaches only.

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Reason #8 – The Magic Happens in the Water

Remember what I said about no sexy touch at regulated nude beaches like Haulover? Well, if it is time for some sexy touch – the cops aren’t in the water and they can’t see what’s going on below the surface.


Reason #9 – You can rub sunscreen on each other butts


Reason #10 – It’ll Be The Best Damn First Date You Could Ever Go On – Might Even Be the Last…

Hey, this one… might be THE one. You better maximize your chances. Don’t be lazy. Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid. You just met her. This opportunity is like Tom Hanks in Castaway making his first fire. No room for getting sloppy. You have to do everything right. Game face on. 
If you’re not going to take her to a nude beach some other guy WILL or some other guy already HAS.
I used to wait a while before I talked about going to a nude beach with a girl. Thought it was too risky. Didn’t want to weird her out. Have her get the wrong idea…
That was cowardly, that was shameful, and I caused untold, immeasurable amounts of suffering by doing that. I was aggressively making the world a worse place by not taking girls to nude beaches. You have any idea how many nude beach first dates could have happened, but did not…. Because of me. 
How many other guys are still doing this shit? How many nude beach first dates die before they are born EVERY FUCKING DAY?
I left a trail of broken dreams behind me. Desperate women who thought they might finally get asked out on a nude beach date, disappointed and left hanging once again…
I turned it around and you can too. I finally did go on a nude beach first date and it was the best damn date I’ve ever been on. 
Become the change you want to see in the world. Refuse to be part of the problem. Let your balls hang true and vulnerable. The magic happens in the water. First dates at nude beaches only.
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