Here’s a study about sunlight and pancreatic cancer:

Association Between Ultraviolet Radiation, Skin Sun Sensitivity and Risk of Pancreatic Cancer (2013)

Conclusion:  “Being born in or living in areas of higher ambient UVR [ultraviolet radiation] (compared to lower ambient UVR) was associated with about 30-40% lower risk of pancreatic cancer. People with fair skin colour had 47% lower risk of pancreatic cancer than those with dark skin colour (95% CI 0.37-0.75). There was some suggestion of increased risk with increased average number of hours spent outside at work. This study suggests that people with light skin colour or those born or living in areas of high ambient UVR have lower risk of pancreatic cancer. Our analysis supports an association between UVR and pancreatic cancer, possibly mediated through production of vitamin D.”



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