I remember like it was yesterday…
It’s a tale of naked teamwork. Two people getting naked and coming together to create naked fun. 
People say it’s crazy.
Even some nudists tell me it’s inappropriate.
The freest of spirits have gasped when they hear the story.
There’s a whole lot of reasons why you should have a nude beach first date, so let’s get to it.

Here’s how you get a nude beach first date:

Tell your market you like to get naked. 
It’s literally that simple.
Let’s practice
Someone asks you “So what do you like to do?…”
Choose the right answer
A) I like to get naked
B) I like to do other things
The correct answer is A – “I like to get naked.”
If you don’t say that, then they don’t know. If you don’t say that, nobody will ever respond “me too.”
Some may think it’s weird. Some will think it’s downright naughty. Some will get wrong ideas. Not your crowd. Maybe you can convert a few, but it’s way easier to just focus on finding the needle in the haystack who’s looking for you too.
Gotta make your needle bright and shiny. You’ll find each other faster that way. If you pretend to be hay, the needle won’t find you. And you won’t even be able to attract hay because nobody likes fakies.
How did I learn this golden secret?
My wife taught me. 
When I first met her, I asked her what she likes to do. 
You know what she said? 
“I’m going to the nude beach tomorrow.”
I pulled out my phone and showed this here website you’re reading now. Told her I made it because I’m a bit fired up about getting naked myself.
Told her “we should go to the nude beach tomorrow.”
And so we did. Rest is history.
She’s the bold one in this story. She could have played it safe, been hay, and gave a more mild answer. She could have been worried about a guy misunderstanding that and getting a bad idea.
Instead, she chose to be a bright shiny needle so I could find her. She didn’t give a fuck, as we say.
Honestly, I’m ashamed to say I might not have volunteered that about myself to an unfamiliar gal I was taking such a fancy too. I might have thought – “Shit, I really like this one. I better play it safe and wait a couple dates to tell her. Don’t want her to get a wrong idea and bounce.”
A lot of girls had got wrong ideas about it. I should have scared them off sooner. “I’m a bright shiny naked needle, lady, I advise you judge quickly.” Would have saved a bit of time and energy and suffered fewer clothed dates – which are terrible.
So that’s the secret – be bold with your nudist lifestyle. Own that shit. The faster you scare away the hay, the faster you find your needle. Or the faster your needle finds you. However it goes down – trust me, it’s beautiful.
Find your nude spot today and go on a naked date. You won’t regret it. Or if you do, it won’t be because of the naked part. Bring some goggles and do a a little sexy seashell hunting.
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