How many times have you been at the beach, enjoying a gorgeous view of the ocean – maybe it’s sunset or sunrise time – and you wanted SO BAD to have your favorite cocktail in hand… but didn’t?…
The best beaches usually don’t have a bar on site, and if they do it’ll either be garbage quality or absurdly expensive.

There’s another way

Today we are very lucky to be getting a little lesson from my wife Captain Hanna on how to make a margarita at the beach. Hanna is not only a black belt at beach preparation, but also a high-level bartender and mixologist. She’s also an expert at having a ton of fun without spending a ton of money.
In this article we’re going to show you how you can bring a bar with you anywhere you go and make your favorite drinks, how you like, and do it CHEAP. Beer cans and wine bottles are easy to bring around with you, but fancy cocktails really aren’t much more difficult to prepare if you just think it out a little bit.
For about the price of buying two good margaritas you can literally buy everything you need to make your very own margarita beach bar.
Here we go

How to Make a Margarita AT THE BEACH!

First  – What are the ingredients?

Really not much. You need:
-triple sec (orange) or simple syrup
-salt (optional)
-Tajin (optional)
That’s it!

Second – What’s the tool kit?

You’re going to need:
-A shaker
-A jigger (this is your measuring device)
Here’s a cheap kit on Amazon with all that 

how to make a margarita at the beach


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If you want to take it over the top, then you’ll want a portable blender so you can make a frozen margarita (You can charge this thing with a simple USB cable. Watch the video below to see it in action.)

how to make a margarita at the beach


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You’ll also need a small knife for cutting limes, a small plate for creating rims, a small lime press, a ziplock baggie to store ice, and of course – cups (and extra cups!)

how to make a margarita at the beach

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Instead of using limes you can substitute high-quality pre-bottled lime juice.
All of this stuff will get stored in your bar bag – a special little cooler bag separate from the general cooler, just for the cocktail stuff. Get yourself a backpack cooler for easy transport.

how to make a margarita at the beach

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Let’s make a drink!

Step 1 – Prepare some lime wedges. Just cut a lime into quarter slices and then cut a horizontal slice across each lime (so it looks like Pacman) – this is so you can use the limes to make your rim later.
Step 2 – Throw a handful of ice into the large half of the shaker. (The shaker is where everything will get mixed together)
Step 3 – Fill the big side of the jigger with tequila (2 ounces) and toss that in the shaker
Step 4 – Fill the small side of the jigger (1 ounce) with your sweetener (triple sec or simple syrup) and toss that in the shaker
Step 5 – Fill the small side of the jigger with lime juice and toss that in the shaker
Review – 2 ounces tequila, 1 ounce sweetener, 1 ounce lime juice
Step 6 – take your small plate and pour about a half teaspoon of salt on it. You can also add an equal amount of Tajin.
Step 7 – Take a Pacman lime and a cup, put the rim of the cup in Pacman’s mouth, and then run the lime all around the edge of the cup a few times and get it wet with lime juice. So wet.
Step 8 – Take the cup and gently pat it down on the plate of salt while rotating until the cup has a nice rim on it.
Step 9 – Shake it! Insert the small side of the shaker into the larger side, hold them together tight, and shake it up and down aggressively for a while. You can’t overdue this step. If the entire shaker is cold and has condensation on it – you’re ready.
Step 10 – Pour and serve! You can either serve with the ice cubes or use the small shaker side to carefully hold the ice cubes back while you pour so you can reuse them on another margarita.
That’s it! It’s literally just 10 tiny steps. I never knew it was this easy before she showed me.
To take it over the top with a portable blender all you do is pour the contents into the blender and blend it to make yourself a frozen margarita.
Here’s Hanna to demonstrate everything for you

What are you waiting for? 

Try it today. Today might be your last day. Want to impress your date? Take them on a nude beach date and make them a frozen margarita. Don’t tell them this might be your last day. Or yes, tell them.
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Until next time,



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