TLDR – getting sunshine on your balls significantly increases testosterone.

This is literally the one key piece of information that sent me down this nude sunbathing path many years ago. The one factoid that ultimately gave birth to this website. was born out of one man’s desire to get juiced, jacked, and tanned. 
So how did I stumble onto the golden secret that tanned, golden balls are the secret to a man’s strength and vitality?…
Long ago I was a competitive grappling athlete doing jiu-jitsu tournaments about every three weeks. I was looking for anything and everything I could do to enhance my performance. I tried getting a prescription from my doctor for testosterone, but he turned me down. I was too afraid of dabbling into steroids without a doctor’s participation and all the over-the-counter supplements seemed so bogus and questionable. 
Like every other smart, young man attempting to become Wolverine I got obsessed with learning how to increase my testosterone. There’s a lot to it. Sleep, sex, semen retention, proper diet, avoiding xenoestrogens, zinc, fats, meat, managing stress, fasting, proper workouts – and much,much more. It’s a lifelong knowledge quest.
One thing that I had always speculated was that sun exposure and tanning has an effect on a man’s strength. Being a native Floridian and growing up in a house with a very private backyard, I had done my fair share of sunbathing over the years and I always noticed that afterward I always felt stronger, more confident, happier, smarter, and most noticeably – hornier. Very horny. At this time I was working an evening job. I would sunbathe in the afternoon, then go to work, and I remember having erections during my entire shift.
I also noticed that sunbathing would help heal me after my jiu-jitsu and MMA training sessions. I would be exhausted, broken, and over-trained and a sunbathing session always seemed to significantly speed up recovery.
It didn’t take much Googling to find articles and studies confirming my hypothesis – sunbathing increases testosterone. Like a lot. A lot a lot. Super a lot.

The Mindblower

Now here’s the mind-blower…. One particular study from 1939 found that ultraviolet light therapy can literally double testosterone – BUT – including your testicles can TRIPLE testosterone.
That’s nuts, right? Getting some sun on your nuts can triple your testosterone. It just so nuts!
So I started doing nude sunbathing when I could and, yes, I noticed quite an effect. Exposing my genitals to afternoon sun for about 30 minutes would result in a noticeble spike in my sex drive and aggression and really perked up my mood. I was addicted. I had found something that seriously works and it’s totally free. From that moment on, getting some sun on my balls was always on my to-do list.


(Here’s me tapping out a guy with an electric chair submission. With my solar-charged testicles I dominated this tournament submitting 75% of my opponents)

Okay, so WHY does sunbathing and, more specifically, NUDE SUNBATHING have such a powerful effect on testosterone?

There’s quite a few reasons, but the main one is – as all my other writings here focus on –Vitamin D
If you have not explored the rest of the NudeSpots blog, that might seem a bit ridiculous and overly simple. “That’s it? That’s the secret? Just get some vitamin D? No, no, no. There has to be much more to it.”
Vitamin D is the overwhelmingly main reason that sunbathing increases testosterone. Vitamin D is actually an anabolic steroid hormone that is in the same family as testosterone. The full, scientific, proper name for hormonally active vitamin D is 1-25,Dihydroxycholecalciferol. It was incorrectly labeled as a vitamin when it was first discovered a century ago. The name “vitamin D” stuck, but “vitamin” D actually has more in common with testosterone than any vitamin.
Our bodies produce vitamin D from sun exposure to our naked skin. Your skin contains a vitamin D precursor called 7-dehydrocholesterol. When UVB rays from the sun shine on that 7-dehydrocholesterol it undergoes a chemical reaction and is converted into “pre-vitamin D”, aka 25-hydroxycholecalciferol. The “pre-vitamin D” is absorbed into your bloodstream from your skin where it was created. All throughout your body you have vitamin D receptors (VDRs) – every cell, organ, and tissue contains them, including your BALLS – and when these “pre-vitamin D” molecules come into contact with VDRs they are “activated” into hormonally active 1-25,Dihydroxycholecalciferol. Vitamin D has been identified as being involved in over 2,000 biological processes in your body. Basically anything you can think of inside your body involves vitamin D, making this hormone literally one of the most important factors in your health after food, water, and sleep.
So sunbathing increases our levels of vitamin D – which is actually a steroid sex hormone similar to testorone and has many testosterone-like effects on our bodies, including increasing actual testosterone.
I have an entire page here dedicated to compiling studies about the effects of vitamin D on testosterone. All the studies find the same thing:
      1. Men with lower vitamin D levels have lower testosterone levels
      2. Men with higher vitamin D levels have higher testosterone levels
There’s also randomized placebo-controlled trials that have confirmed vitamin D raises testosterone. This particular study gave one group of men a modest daily vitamin D dose for one year, gave another group a placebo for a year, and measured their testosterone levels. The vitamin D group experienced significant testosterone increases.
Now the interesting thing about that first 1939 study is that the testosterone increase resulting from including the genitals in sunbathing is so much greater and disproportionate than if they’re not included. If you’re wearing a bathing suit maybe 10-20% of your skin is covered up, but if you take it off the testosterone increase you enjoy is 80% higher. So there’s something else going on.
Maybe your genitals contain a higher concentration of vitamin D receptors or maybe being naked makes a man psychologically feel more primal, resulting in a T-boost. Science has not investigated this yet.
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More Evidence

In the first-world there is a very well-documented low testosterone and fertility crisis affecting men. Testosterone and sperm count has been dropping generation after generation. Young men are now experiencing premature andropause and gynecomastia – men naturally developing female breasts – is becoming increasingly common. Overall, the average man these days is just more weak, passive, depressed, and docile than in our grandfathers’ days. Millenials are actually having less sex than previous generations, which has to be partly the result of reduced sex drives among men.
There are many, many causes contributing to the decline of population testosterone levels, but one factor that I believe stands out and is not getting talked about is the simultaneous, coinciding world-wide pandemic of vitamin D deficiency.
I have a big, growing list of studies documenting population vitamin D levels studies all over the world. Right now there are 46 studies included in my list and they are all bad. Wherever these studies get done in the world, the conclusion is always that there is an alarming rate of vitamin D deficiency and the overwhelming majority of people have inadequate levels for maintaining good health.
Vitamin D has been proven in randomized control trial experiments to boost testosterone in male humans, many studies have documented a consistent association between vitamin D and testosterone levels, and the same countries with declines in male testosterone levels are also suffering declines in vitamin D levels.
I think the case here is strong.
People just don’t go outside much anymore. Most people work indoors, they drive to and from their job in a sheltered vehicle, when they walk from their car into their job/home they’re mostly clothed – blocking sun exposure – and on the rare occasion they spend a significant amount of time outside they’re mostly clothed and using sunscreen. No sun = no vitamin D = lower testosterone.

Don’t we get vitamin D from our food?

Not really. Although we ingest trace amounts of vitamin D from our diet, the main source for most people’s vitamin D – and the scientifically most effective way to get it – is from sun exposure.
Not many foods actually contain vitamin D at all and the ones that do contain insignificant amounts. For example, one cup of milk artificially fortified with vitamin D contains about 100 IU. The average adult male requires at least 5,000 IU of vitamin D daily. To get your daily maintenance dose of vitamin D exclusively from milk you would have to consume almost four gallons of milk per day, but some studies have found that the level of vitamin D in milk varies wildly, so nobody really knows.
Say you got your vitamin D from fish, you would need to consume two pounds of the highest quality, wild-caught salmon you can find every single day. (Farmed fish don’t have vitamin D because they don’t get sun exposure).
Now contrast this to sunbathing. The average person can produce 10,000 – 25,000 IU of vitamin D from one sunbathing session, but depending on your age, skin type, body fat content, and the strength of the sun where you are it’s possible you could produce up to 50,000 IU of vitamin D from one sunbathing session
It’s pretty clear how we humans are biologically evolved to get our vitamin D.
One study found that vitamin D created from sun exposure lasts about twice as long in your body compared to ingested vitamin D supplements and Dr. Joseph Mercola reports that he has achieved very high personal vitamin D levels from 1-2 hours of afternoon shirtless walks around his Florida home every day.

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Do I really have to get naked? What about supplements?

I have a whole article addressing that here. Supplements are great if you completely lack the ability to get some sun, I take supplements sometimes, but supplemental vitamin D is inferior to sunshine. In short, sunshine is objectively more effective, sun exposure is much safer than supplements, sun exposure has many other benefits besides vitamin D that supplements will not provide, and sun exposure is much more simple and requires no blood testing to dial in your perfect dose.
Humans lived without vitamin D supplements for 99.999999999999999999% of our history. Supplements are useful, but we’re biologically developed to utilize sun exposure just like most other plants and animals on the planet.

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So remember – sunbathing naturally increases your testosterone, which is very healthy and beneficial, and nude sunbathing especially provides a gigantic increase. 
Head over to the NudeSpots directory and find a place close to you where you can take it all off.
Until next time,
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