It’s fun, sexy, and a workout.
It’s sexy seashell hunting – a game invented by none other than Captain Hanna.

haulover beach

Sexy seashell hunting will make you forget about all your problems and worries, reconnect you and your spouse, and if you do this on a first date – the person will never forget you.
I’m seeing way too many couples not seashell hunting and it’s starting to worry me.
Do yourself a favor – read this quick guide and get your ass on a beach ASAP to give it a try.

What you need:

-a special someone
-a beach
-a pair goggles (and snorkel if you like)
I find it’s more sexy to take turns with just one pair of goggles. I’ll explain why.
Have no doubt, this game will make you thirsty (in more than one way), so you will want to also have some hydrating beverages on hand.
Now some beaches might say you can’t be touching the shells. This makes it even more sexy, because now it’s dangerous. The game itself is arousing enough, but a little danger takes it over the top. 
Here’s how you play

Someone goes first

If you’re dominant you can just tell them they’re going first. Tell them what to bring you, tell them how much time they have.
“I want three seashells that look like pussies. Here’s the goggles. You have 3 minutes.”
They’ll either succeed or they’ll fail. It doesn’t matter. Always be positive and supportive.
Then it’s your turn. You take the goggles and they tell you what you have to find.
Could be a chicken foot, pink shell, 5 spiral shells, shark tooth – whatever they say. 
And you just go back and forth like that as long as you want.
I like to take turns with one pair of goggles so I can watch my wife’s butt bobbing up and down in the water while she searches.
There are a lot of variations. You can bend the rules as you like.
You’d be amazed how much seashell hunting will relax your mind. It’s very meditative.
And it gets a playful sexy vibe going nicely.
Take a few of the coolest shells home with you to remember the moments.
It’s most sexy at a nude beach, so find a nude beach near you.
The last time we played sexy seashell hunting we found ourselves surrounded by one million tiny fish. It was magical.
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