Here are some studies about the positive effect of lycopene on photoaging:


Molecular Evidence That Oral Supplementation with Lycopene or Lutein Protects Human Skin Against Ultraviolet Radiation: Results from a Double‐Blinded, Placebo‐Controlled, Crossover Study (2016)

Conclusion: Randomized control trial found that lycopene supplementation can completely suppress post-UV exposure expression of matrix metalloproteinases, the enzymes responsible for skin collagen breakdown.


Lycopene-Rich Products and Dietary Photoprotection (2006)

Conclusion: Meta-analysis of studies demonstrating the incredible photoprotective effects of the carotenoid lycopene.


Dietary Tomato Paste Protects against Ultraviolet Light–Induced Erythema in Humans (2001)

Conclusion: 9 study participants consumed a lycopene-rich tomato paste supplement daily for 10 weeks, with a control group consuming just olive oil as a placebo.To test the photoprotective effect of lycopene, subjects were exposed to UV light at baseline, mid-study, and at the end and their erythema (sunburn) was measured. At 10 weeks, the lycopene group exhibited 40% less erythema in response to UV exposure, demonstrating lycopene’s significant photoprotective effect.


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