Studies About Photoageing:

Skin Ageing and its Treatment (2007)

Note: Good article explaining photoageing of the skin. Sun exposure is a major cause of it, but there are other factors such as as smoking, alcohol consumption, and poor nutrition that can be adjusted rather than sun exposure. Skin ageing also unavoidably happens during the natural, larger ageing process. Antioxidants have been found to be effective for slowing down skin aging. Protecting one’s face from sun exposure with a hat, but leaving the rest of your body exposed is a great way to reduce photoageing in your face without sacrificing the health benefits of sun exposure.


Is Skin Ageing in the Elderly Caused by Sun Exposure or Smoking? (2002)

Conclusion: This study found 792 elderly subjects in the U.K. concluded that age and cigarette smoking are far more significant factors in skin ageing than sun exposure.


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