Here are some studies demonstraing the health benefits of UVB tanning beds:

Sunbeds with UVB radiation Can Produce Physiological Levels of Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D in Healthy Volunteers (2017)

Conclusion: This Canadian study investigating the health benefits of UVB tanning beds found that *UVB*-emitting low pressure fluorescent lamp sunbeds (particularly 100 watt) are extremely effective for raising vitamin D levels into the optimal range. Higher pressure, higher wattage sunbeds do NOT produce this effect. The higher the UVB percentage of the sunbed, the better the vitamin D increase.


Treatment of Vitamin D Deficiency Due to Crohn’s Disease with Tanning Bed Ultraviolet B Radiation (2001)

Case Study: This crohn’s disease patient suffering from chronic vitamin D deficiency was prescribed to use a UVB tanning bed for 10 minutes three times per week. After only one month her vitamin D levels “increased by 357% from 7 to 32 ng/mL” and after six months of this she was cured of the musculoskeletal pains she was suffering.


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