Here are some studies about vitamin D and Alzheimer’s:

Vitamin D and the Risk of Dementia and Alzheimer Disease (2014)

Conclusion: In an 8-year study of 1,658 elderly people, there was an increased rate of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia among those with lower vitamin D levels compared to those with higher vitamin D levels.


Light Therapy and Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementia: Past, Present, and Future (2012)

Conclusion: Overview of the research showing how bright light therapy has been found to be effective for improving behavior and quality of life in elderly people with dementia.


Vitamin D and Neurocognitive Dysfunction: Preventing “D”ecline? (2008)

Note: This article provides an overview of how vitamin D plays a role in brain health during old age and can help prevent dementia and alzheimer’s.


Effects of Bright Light on Cognitive and Sleep–Wake (Circadian) Rhythm Disturbances in Alzheimer-Type Dementia (2000)

Conclusion: This study found bright light therapy to be an effective treatment for improving the circadian rhythm and cognitive performance in elderly dementia patients.


Randomized, DIM Light Controlled, Crossover Test of Morning Bright Light Therapy for Rest-Activity Rhythm Disorders in Patients with Vascular Dementia and Dementia of Alzheimer’s Type (1998)

Conclusion: This study found that bright light therapy improved sleep and the sleep/wake cycle of elderly dementia patients.


Bright Light Treatment of Behavioral and Sleep Disturbances in Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease (1992)

Conclusion: “Evening bright light pulses may ameliorate sleep-wake cycle disturbances in some patients with Alzheimer’s disease.”



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