Studies about vitamin D and chronic pain:

Improvement of Pain, Sleep, and Quality of Life in Chronic Pain Patients with Vitamin D Supplementation (2013)

Conclusion: In a study of 28 U.S. military veterans suffering from chronic pain, vitamin D supplementation was found to be effective for improving their pain levels, sleep quality, and overall quality of life.


Vitamin D Deficiency and Chronic Low Back Pain in Saudi Arabia (2003)

Conclusion: In a study of 360 people in Saudi Arabia seeking treatment for lower back pain, it was found that 83% had “an abnormally low level of vitamin D.” For those with low vitamin D levels, 95% experiencing an improvement in their symptoms following vitamin D therapy.


Prevalence of Severe Hypovitaminosis D in Patients With Persistent, Nonspecific Musculoskeletal Pain (2003)

Conclusion: Of 150 patients seeking treatment for chronic musculoskeletal pain, 93% were found to be vitamin D-deficient.


Alleviation of Migraines with Therapeutic Vitamin D and Calcium (1994)

Conclusion: “Two postmenopausal migraineurs who developed frequent and excruciating migraine headaches (one following estrogen replacement therapy and the other following a stroke) were treated with combination vitamin D and calcium. Therapeutic replacement with vitamin D and calcium resulted in a dramatic reduction in the frequency and duration of their migraine headaches.”


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