Health studies about vitamin D and female fertility:

BMI and Season are Associated with Vitamin D Deficiency in Women with Impaired Fertility: A Two-Centre Analysis (2016)

Conclusion: A study of women with impaired fertility found the overwhelming majority of them had low vitamin D levels.


Vitamin D Deficiency and Infertility: Insights from in vitro Fertilization Cycles (2014)

Conclusion: A study of pregnancy outcomes in 335 women undergoing in vitro fertilization found that the women with the highest vitamin D levels also had the highest pregnancy rates.


Influence of Vitamin D Levels on in vitro Fertilization Outcomes in Donor-Recipient Cycles (2014)

Conclusion: A study of 99 women undergoing in vitro fertilization found that those with higher vitamin D levels also had higher pregnancy and live birth rates.


Effects of 25OHD Concentrations on Chances of Pregnancy and Pregnancy Outcomes: A Cohort Study in Healthy Danish Women (2012)

Conclusion: A study of 153 women trying to get pregnant found that those with lower vitamin D levels had a higher risk of miscarriage.


Vitamin D and Fertility: A Systematic Review (2012)

Note: This is a detailed, technical article covering the role of vitamin D in male and female fertility. Did you know that even sperm have vitamin D receptors?


1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 Restores Fertility of Vitamin D-deficient Female Rats (1989)

Conclusion: Female rats with better vitamin D levels were found to have better fertility compared to vitamin D-deficient rats.


Effect of Vitamin D Deficiency on Fertility and Reproductive Capacity in the Female Rat (1980)

Conclusion: Vitamin D-deficient female rats were found to be significantly less fertile than those with better vitamin D levels.



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