Studies about vitamin D and injury recovery:

Vitamin D Sufficiency Associates with an Increase in Anti-Inflammatory Cytokines After Intense Exercise in Humans (2014)

Conclusion: A study of young adult males found that those with higher vitamin D levels experienced less muscular inflammation post-exercise compared to those with lower vitamin D levels.


Vitamin D3 Potentiates Myelination and Recovery After Facial Nerve Injury (2014)

Conclusion: This randomized control trial found that vitamin D3 was effective for improving facial nerve healing in rabbits. “The current report indicates that cholecalciferol significantly increases functional recovery and myelination, after 12 weeks of treatment.”


Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) Improves Myelination and Recovery After Nerve Injury (2013)

Conclusion: Study found that high-dose vitamin D3 therapy improves the healing of injured nerves in rats. “We observed that cholecalciferol [vitamin D3] is more efficient than ergocalciferol [vitamin D2] and, when delivered at a high dose (500 IU/kg/day), cholecalciferol induces a significant locomotor and electrophysiological recovery. We also demonstrated that cholecalciferol increases i) the number of preserved or newly formed axons in the proximal end, ii) the mean axon diameter in the distal end, and iii) neurite myelination in both distal and proximal ends. Finally, we found a modified expression of several genes involved in axogenesis and myelination, after 24 hours of vitamin supplementation. Our study is the first to demonstrate that vitamin D acts on myelination via the activation of several myelin-associated genes. It paves the way for future randomised controlled clinical trials for peripheral nerve or spinal cord repair.”


Higher Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Concentrations Associate with a Faster Recovery of Skeletal Muscle Strength After Muscular Injury (2013)

Conclusion: A study of 14 physically active adults found that those with higher vitamin D levels experienced less muscular weakness following intense physical exercise, both immediately and days after the exercise.


Vitamin D Increases Cellular Turnover and Functionally Restores the Skeletal Muscle After Crush Injury in Rats (2013)

Conclusion: In a study where male rats were given crush injuries, those given a giant dose of vitamin D recovered faster.


Ultraviolet Radiation in Wound Care: Sterilization and Stimulation (2013)

Note: This is an extensive scholarly article covering the antimicrobial and wound-healing effects of ultraviolet radiation, including as a treatment for antibiotic-resistant pathogens.



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