Outlaw nude spots!
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This article is mainly for Americans, so any Europeans reading this can click out. You don’t have to deal with this problem so much.
This article we’re gonna talk about what I call “outlaw nude spots.” 
An outlaw nude spot is a nude spot that isn’t legally recognized or protected as such, but people go there and get naked. A LOT of people might go there and get naked ALL THE TIME. There might be lots of travel articles written about it. You might Google it and exclusively find nudist photos of the place. It might be a world-famous nude spot even,


If you don’t see a government-looking, high-quality, metal sign stating the beach is a nude beach… It ain’t officially and legally a recognized nude spot. It’s an outlaw nude spot.
What does that mean?
You probably won’t ever get in trouble, but you could. Why? Because it ain’t officially legal. It’s kinda, sorta, unofficially permitted/tolerated.
I like to eliminate risk as much as possible, so I don’t like there being any possibility of me getting in trouble.
So for beaches that don’t have these metal signs, here’s



The NudeSpots Guide to Enjoying Outlaw Nude Spots

(So you don’t get in trouble, can relax, and be safe. 😉 )


#1 Tip to Follow – Go When It *IS* Crowded and Stay Near People

For a legal spot like Haulover, I’d say go when it’s not crowded. With outlaw spots though, like Apollo or Playalinda Beach, go when it IS crowded.
Why? Two reasons:
1 – Less likely to get arrested. More people = cops will stay away. They can’t arrest you all. One or two people can be arrested easily. Not 30. 
2 – Physically safer when crowded. More people = more witnesses. More witnesses = less crime.
In my opinion, the biggest problem with outlaw nude spots is that they are simply more dangerous due to the lack of and distance from police. Outlaw nude spots are usually as far from civilization as possible. You’re trying to get away from cops, but that also means they’re not there to protect you and deter crime. It’s the wild west. 
If you go to an outlaw nude spot on an uncrowded day your safety from bad guys is all on you. No cops, no witnesses, no good Samaritans. You’re simply more vulnerable. A bad guy could do something bad to you and completely get away with it.
For instance, if you’re an attractive lady by yourself you could easily get repeatedly raped. Gang raped. If  you’re all naked and shiny a libidinous rapist will be much more tempted. If you’re with a guy they might rape him too. They might be gay rapists and ONLY rape him, leaving YOU to pick up the pieces. “Better get him to a doctor, honey…”
Now, I’m not saying don’t ever go to the far, remote end of an outlaw nude spot. Follow tip #2


Tip #2 – Get a concealed weapon license, get a gun, train a lot, bring it with you.

Someone tries to mug or rape you, “stop the threat.” 😉
“Austin, isn’t this a bit extreme?”
Going to a remote, wild west area far away from law and order so you can enjoy some sunshine on your ass is kinda extreme. You’re already being extreme. Go all the way. Don’t stop halfway. Get naked AND armed.
Read here about how to conceal carry a gun when you’re naked.

*Always be in compliance with local, state, and federal firearm laws when carrying, possessing, transporting, shipping, selling, buying, using, and owning firearms. Yadda, yadda, yadda.*

Tip #3 – Be far from the entrance, but not too far, and have some clothes within reach

I know I said be around the other nudists, but be on the outer edge. Be far, but not too far, from the beach entrance if possible. That way if cops start arresting people you’ll be able to see it before they get to you and put your shorts on real quick.
Don’t be a hero. Live and get naked another day.
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