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Frequently Asked Questions


Why isn’t my spot included?

Listing your spot is quick and easy! See how it works.

Are these really all nude spots?

Yes, all listed spots are verified as being legal, recognized nude spots. One important exception is listed American public beaches. Although all NudeSpots-listed beaches allow nude sunbathing, it is usually within a special, designated area marked by signs, and not necessarily the entire beach.

Where can I download the app?

The NudeSpots iOS and Android apps are in development. Join the list to get it first.

My spot is already listed, but not by me.

If your spot is already represented with a NudeSpots profile you may claim and control it by simply creating your own profile for your spot and then emailing that you have claimed your spot. Include “Spot Claim” in the subject line and detail the spot you are claiming in the body. Once approved, the existing profile will be deleted and your submitted profile will be listed.

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